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The Patriots of Fort Lewis Chapter Members

The members of the Fort Lewis Chapter NSDAR are proud to honor our ancestors who fought and assisted in our nation's independence by continuing their work through civil, patriotic, and/or military service. 

We proudly invite you to meet our patriot ancestors listed below.  Click on the patriot names underlined for more information about that patriot.


  • Asa Hillyer PVT


  • James Little COL



  • Samuel Hawley PVT

  • John Keen PVT




North Carolina

New Jersey

  • Ananias Allen CAPT

New York



  • John Anspach CAPT PS

  • James Black PS

  • Matthias Brobst CAPT CS

  • Christian Diehl PS

  • Jacob Fetterolf PVT

  • Peter Fetterholf PS

  • Bernhardt Follweiler SOL PS

  • Conrad Kershner, Sr.   PS

  • Peter Kershner LT 

  • Michael Keyser PS

  • Samuel Kistler ENS

  • Frederick Leasure PS

  • Frederick Lutz SGT PS

  • Hugh McLaughlin PVT

  • Mathias Miller PVT

  • Abraham Saunders SGT

  • Daniel Schmeyer PVT

  • Anna Christina Kuntz Stambach PS

  • Jacob Wannamaker PVT

  • Marx Wannamaker PS

  • Peter Weida CPL PS

  • Alexander Wilson PVT

South Carolina


  • Solomon Acker PVT

  • Emera Altizera PVT

  • John Anthony PS

  • Martin Baker LT CS

  • Adam Barb PS

  • Henry Bishop PVT

  • Peter Brickey PVT

  • William Butler PVT PS

  • James Campbell LT

  • Nicholas Carper SOL CS PS

  • John Carter PS

  • Stephen Coleman CAPT CS PS

  • Manoah Corley PS

  • John Corvin PVT

  • Henry Cowing PVT

  • William Dalton LT

  • Christopher Dameron PS

  • William Davis PS

  • John Day PVT PS

  • Peter Deyerle CS

  • Dudley Diggs PS

  • Thomas Gaskins, Jr. LTCOL

  • William Gill PVT PS

  • John Green COL

  • William A Halbert LT

  • Pleasant Haley PVT

  • Abraham Hinkle PS

  • James Hogg, Jr. SOL PS

  • John Casper Hounshell PS

  • John Jones Sr COL CS PS

  • John Kennedy PVT

  • Nicholas Kline ENS

Virginia (cont.)

  • John Nicholas Link PS

  • James Logan PVT PS

  • Hugh Mercer BGEN

  • John Mitchell NONCOM

  • William Morris Sr PS

  • Luke Munsy PVT PS

  • John M Otey CAPT

  • David Pagan PVT

  • Martin Palmer SGT

  • Reuben Pendleton PVT

  • Gabriel Penn COL PS

  • Barret Price PS

  • Jacob Prilliman PS

  • Daniel Spangler, Jr. PS

  • Nimrod Taylor PVT

  • Ambrose Tomlinson SOL

  • James Trenor SGT PS

  • John Tutwiler SOL

  • Benjamin Waddell SOL

  • Robert Wiley SOL CS




BGEN – Brigadier General

CAPT — Captain

COL — Colonel

CPL — Corporal

CMSRY — Commissary

CS —- Civil Service

ENS — Ensign

LTCOL – Lieutenant Colonel

LT – Lieutenant

MAJ – Major

NONCOM – Non-Commissioned Officer

PS — Patriotic Service

PVT — Private

SGT - Sergeant

SOL — Soldier

STAFFOF -- Staff Officer

Do you have a patriot ancestor

or want to find one? 

Start your research or confirm your findings by looking in DAR's Genealogical Record System (GRS).

last updated June 2022

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